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 RAW  RAW is a file option available on some digital cameras. It usually uses a lossless compression and produces file sizes much smaller than the TIFF format. Unfortunately, the RAW format is not standard among all camera manufacturers and some graphic programs and image editors may not accept the RAW format. The better graphic editors can read some manufacturer's RAW formats, and some (mostly higher-end) digital cameras also support saving images in the TIFF format directly. There are also separate tools available for converting digital camera raw image format files into other formats.
 Readout  Readout refers to how data is transferred from the CCD or CMOS sensor to the host computer. Readout rate is an important specification for high-resolution digital cameras. Higher readout rates mean that more images can be captured in a given length of time.
 RGB  The RGB color model utilizes the additive model in which red, green, and blue light are combined in various ways to create other colors. The very idea for the model itself and the abbreviation RGB come from the three primary colors in additive light models. Note that the RGB color model itself does not define what exactly is meant by red, green and blue, so that the same RGB values can describe noticeably different colors on different devices employing this color model. While they share a common color model, their actual color spaces can vary considerably.
 Ring Light
  Lighting with a ring configuration
 Rolling Shutter
  Some CMOS sensors operate in rolling shutter mode only so that the rows start, and stop, exposing at different times. This type of shutter is not suitable for moving subjects except when using flash lighting because this time difference causes the image to smear. (see global shutter)
 RS-232  RS-232 is a long-established standard that describes the physical interface and protocol for low-speed serial data communication between devices. This is the interface that e.g. a computer uses to talk to and exchange data with a digital camera.
 Ruggedized Lens   Lens capable of surviving extreme environmental conditions

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