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 Machine Vision
  Machine vision is the application of cameras and computers to cause some automated action based on images received by the camera(s) in a manufacturing process. Generally, the term machine vision applies specifically to manufacturing applications and has an automated aspect related to the vision sensors. However, it is common to use machine vision equipment and algorithm outside of the manufacturing realm.
 Macro Lenses  Lenses that can focus sharply very close to an object to capture minute surface detail
 Macro Non-
telecentric / Non-board Level Lenses
 Fixed focal length lenses that can focus very close to an object to capture surface detail but cannot correct for perspective errors (parallax) and are not used for board level cameras.
 Macro Zoom Lenses   Zoomed lenses with a macro capability
 Megapixel  Megapixel refers to one million pixels - relating to the spatial resolution of a camera. Any camera that is roughly 1000 x 1000 or higher resolution would be called a megapixel camera.
 Micro Lens  Micro lens is a type of technology used in some interline transfer CCDs whereby each pixel is covered by a small lens which channels light directly into the sensitive portion of the CCD.
 Microscopic Objectives   Fixed focal length lenses used for capturing extremely small detail (regardless of their other possible characteristics)
 Minimum Object Distance  The Minimum Object Distance indicates how close the lens can be placed to the object for shooting. It is measured from the vertex of the front glass of the lens.
 Morphology  Affects the structure of objects in grayscale images. You can use these functions for tasks such as expanding or reducing objects, filling holes, closing particles, or smoothing boundaries, which are tasks you perform to delineate objects and prepare imag

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