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 Edge Detection-Diff.  Differentiation filtering. Produces continuous contours by highlighting each pixel where an intensity variation occurs between itself and its three upper left neighbors.
 Edge Detection-Laplacian  Laplacian filtering. Extracts the contour of objects and outlines details. The Laplacian filter kernel has the following model: a d c b x b c d a where a, b, c, and d are integers and x is greater than or equal to the sum of the absolute values of the out
 Edge Detection-Prewitt  Prewitt filtering. A highpass filter that extracts the outer contours of objects.
 Edge Detection-Roberts  Roberts filter to detect edges. Outlines the contours that highlight pixels where an intensity variation occurs along the diagonal axes.
 Edge Detection-Sobel  Sobel filter. A highpass filter that extracts the outer contours of objects.
 Embedded Vision Computer  Another name for Embedded Vision Processor
 Embedded Vision Processor   A configuration of machine vision equipment where a camera is tethered to a specialized, mini-computer (not a PC). Unlike the Smart Camera, the computer power for processing images is external to the camera's housing.
 Erode  Erosion reduces the brightness of pixels that are surrounded by neighbors with a lower intensity.
 Exposure Time
  Exposure time is the amount of time that the sensor is exposed to the light and thus accumulates charge. This is the control that is used first (before gain and offset) to adjust the camera.

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