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AccuSentry Software

Sentry 9000 Software

The Sentry 9000 Software seamlessly supports area and line scan cameras in an integrated development environment. It offers a wide range of processing and interfacing tools, visual displays, and reports in a versatile framework to handle the most challenging and demanding application. The flexibility of the software is manifested in the forms of two interfaces: Operator and Engineering.

The Operator Interface is done through panels of button and window displays. The panels can be nested to allow the operators to display additional details. Multiple levels of password protection and logging of modifications allow the enforcement of strict change control for managing the inspection configurations. Each button can be programmed to display text results, graphs, charts, or images.

The Engineering Interface
provides an integrated development environment for developing simple and complex applications. It features an intuitive interface to design, build, and test applications. The flexible drag and drop graphical environment organizes Inspection tools into tasks, folders, and subroutines. A task is executed through an external triggering signal during normal production run. The interface integrates multiple cameras into a single environment for easy implementations, controls, and displays. It provides an extensive set of diagnostic visualisation tools to expedite application development and testing.

Complete Visual Inspection Tools

  • Detect, Locate, and Classify Subtle Defects and Objects
  • Measure to Sub-pixel Accuracy
  • Auto-compensate Non-uniform Lighting Conditions
  • Perform Color and Gray Scale Inspections
  • Display Image and Data in Real-time
  • Compile Production Reports for Productivity Analysis
  • Visualize Production Processes through Defect Map, Defect Catalog, and Process View Tools

User-friendly Interface
  • Point and Click Graphical Engineering Interface
  • Multi-level Configurable Operator Screens
  • Change Control with Password Protection and Logging of Modifications
  • Remote Development, Testing, Monitoring, and Diagnostics
  • Flexible Setup for Adding and Modifying Inspection Tools
  • Varieties of Graph, Chart, and Visual Aid Display

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