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LA - Standard Series
Spectrum Illumination Linear Array Lights are used for both bright field and dark field illumination. The Linear Array Series was designed to be used for applications requiring the light to be close to the area of interest. All Linear Array Lights are built using Modular Board Technology (MBT). Because we use MBT we are able to make linear array lights in 1" (25.4mm) by 4" (101.6mm) incremental dimensions. The reason that MBT is important is that when the boards are assembled in the housing, the LED spacing is the same on a single board as it is from board to board. The result of MBT is even illumination over the length of the light (connecting lights together creates dead spots between lights because LED spacing is not observed). Every light is designed in a heavy duty industrial enclosure. Every Linear Array Light is built with 10 surface mount LED's per square inch so they produce bright even illumination. Linear Array Lights run on industry standard 24 volt DC power. Linear Array Lights also incorporate a high speed low current sourcing input for strobing the lights directly from a vision sensor or PLC output. The strobe line can be tied directly to 24 volt DC so the light remains on constant. All Linear Array Lights use industry standard 4 pin M12 Eurofast quick disconnect cables and are supplied with a 4 meter mating cable.

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