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Luminescence color sensor

SPECTRO-3-UV Series - Luminescence color sensors
High-speed color detection of fluorescent objects

In addition to brightness differentiation, the luminescence color sensors of the SPECTRO-3-UV series also perform color differentiation. Teaching of the fluorescent objects can be performed either with the SPECTRO3-Scope software, with the TEACH button that is integrated at the sensor, or through digital input INØ. The 40 kHz scanning frequency and the 30 kHz switching frequency also guarantee a reliable detection and recognition of fast-moving fluorescent marks.

 Dimensions length 130 mm x Ø 32 mm (threaded M34x1.5) or Ø 34 mm (optics holding device)
 Light source  8x UV LED, 385 nm, focused (AC-, DC-operation, can be switched under Windows®)
 Measuring range typ. 10 mm ... 40 mm
 Size of light spot  typ. 10 mm (at a distance of 15 mm) ... typ. 20 mm (at a distance of 40 mm)
  3-color filter detector (TRUE COLOR detector, "human color perception"),
 AC/DC operation AC: typ. 10 kHz ... 40 kHz(depends on the gain set: AMP1 ... AMP8)
 DC: can be switched via PC software SPECTRO3-Scope
 Voltage supply +24VDC (± 10%), reversed polarity protected, overcurrent protected
 Operating temperature -20°C ... +55°C
 Interface RS232, parameterisable under Windows®
 Outputs  OUT 0 ... OUT 4, digital (0V/+Ub), short-circuit protected, 100 mA max. switching current, npn, pnp-output available (bright-, dark-switching can be switched over)
 Switching frequency max. 30 kHz (depends on the number of teach-colors and averaging value)
 Switching state indication visualization by means of 5 yellow LEDs
 Averaging over 32768 values max.
 Adjustment of gain via step-switch: 8 steps (AMP1 ... AMP8), adjustable under Windows®
 Housing material aluminium, anodized in blue (optics holding device: aluminium, anodized in nature)
 Enclosure rating  IP67 (optics), IP64 (electronics)

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