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USB2.0 1K, 2K & 3.6K Pixel 16-bit CCD Line Camera with External Trigger, Enclosed & Board Level.

Mightex’s TCE-1304-U line camera is a cost-effective high-performance B/W enclosed line camera, based on a single-line, 3648-pixel CCD chip with USB2.0 (480 Mb/s) interface. CCD line cameras have several advantages over their area-array counterparts, including high optical linear resolution that allows systems developers to use the cameras to capture two-dimensional (2-D) images by moving the object or the CCD perpendicularly to the scan line. TCE-1304-U is a compact line-scan camera ideal for a variety of OEM applications such as industry process control, optical spectroscopy and bio-medical imaging etc.. Setting up the TCE-1304-U line camera is very easy: one simply needs to install the camera’s application software into any PC, and then connect the line camera to the PC using a USB cable. There is no need to install a DAC card or to use an external power supply.

 Brand  Model  Imaging  Interface     Resolution  FPS  Format (inches)
 Mightex  TCN-1304-U  Monochrome      USB 2
 3648  138    CCD  TCD1304DG
 Board Level
 Mightex  TCE-1304-U  Monochrome
 USB 2  3648  138    CCD  TCD1304DG
 Mightex  TCE-1209-U  Monochrome  USB 2  2048  3.3K    CCD  TDC1209
 Mightex  TCE-1209-UW  Monochrome  USB 2  2048  3.3K    CCD  TDC1209
 F Mount
 Mightex  TCN-1209-U  Monochrome  USB 2  2048  3.3K    CCD  TDC1209
 Board Level
 Mightex  TCE-1024-U  Monochrome  USB 2  1024  25K    CCD  
 Mightex  TCE-1024-UF  Monochrome  USB 2  1024  11K    CCD  F Mount

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