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High-Resolution High-Stability CCD Spectrometers (UV, VIS and NIR)

Compact CCD spectrometers are widely used in process control, environment monitoring, and scientific research applications. Mightex HRS series compact CCD spectrometers features a high resolution 100mm Czerny-Turner optical platform coupled with a Toshiba 3648-element CCD array. The optimized optical path yields both high spectral resolution and high light collection efficiency.

Wavelength and amplitude stability is often a critical requirement for many spectrometer applications. All optical components in the HRS series spectrometers are mounted directly on a single piece base without using screws. A box enclosure structure further increases stiffness of the base. The proprietary mounting method ensures high stability over time and temperature.

The spectrometer takes input through a SMA connector port. Usually a fiber patch cord is used to transmit light into the spectrometer. However it’s also possible to send the input light directly into the spectrometer through the input slit. Input ports are interchangeable so that ports with different slit size (or without slit) can be used. Note that wavelength calibration is necessary after changing the input port.

A 16-bit DAC is used to convert the analog signal from the CCD array into a digital stream. The electronics hardware also includes trigger input and four programmable digital I/Os for interfacing with other equipment such as a light source. The spectrometer is controlled through a USB2.0 interface which also supplies all the electric power needed to operate the spectrometer.

Standard software package includes a full-featured PC software as well as a software development kit (SDK) for further software development.

 Brand Model Wavelength Interface ResolutionFPS
 Mightex HRS-UV1-025 200~400 USB 2
 3648 138 100mm CCD Czerny-Turner
 Mightex HRS-VIS-025
 390~780 USB 2
 3648 138 100mm CCD Czerny-Turner
 Mightex HRS-NIR-025 600~1000 USB 2
 3648 138 100mm CCD Czerny-Turner
 Mightex HRS-BD1-025 300~1070 USB 2
 3648 138 100mm CCD Czerny-Turner

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