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Mightex Systems, is a leading supplier of USB interface photonic producs.  Design from conception to fit a broad spectrum of applications including industrial imaging, bio-photonic solutions, LED illumination, machine vision, life & health sciences, and industrial test & measurement.   With a world-class OEM design team, Mightex offers a broad range of customized solutions in order to meet individual customer’s unique requirements.



Unbuffered cameras doesn't have on-board memory (or 'frame buffer') to store captured images.  The camera is not able to capture images until the computer (that the camera is connected to) is ready by preparing the necessary resources to store/process the images. If the computer is busy, the image acquisition would have to be delayed. In addition, when the computer is busy with one camera, it cannot support a 2nd or a 3rd camera. Therefore, unbuffered cameras are usually not appropriate for multi-camera applications.
 High Sensitivity
High Sensitivity cameras with frame buffers are optimized for machine-vision applications, and they can also be used for a wide variety of other applications such as digital microscopy and medical imaging, where quality, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness are crucial. These cameras have built-in frame buffers, external trigger-in, strobe-out, and a powerful camera engine that supports multiple cameras. Monochrome cameras often exhibit 20% higher spatial resolution than their color counterparts because no pixel interpolation is necessary. Without a Bayer color filter on the sensor, monochrome cameras are also more sensitive than color sensors especially in near IR and UV regions. Frame rate can be as high as 15 fps in full resolution and up to 80 fps using ROI mode. In addition, a user-friendly GUI based application software and an SDK are provided for custom software development. A USB command set protocol is also provided for non-Windows based applications.


Buffered cameras doesn't have to rely on a computer - all the time - to capture images, as the acquired images can be temporarily stored in the on-board memory until the computer is available, when the captured images can be downloaded to and be processed/saved in the computer. Since buffered cameras can capture images without having to wait for the computer to prepare resources, multiple cameras can be connected to the same computer and acquire images, viz. buffered cameras support multi-camera applications.

Rolling Shutter sensors operate in rolling shutter mode only so that the rows start, and stop, exposing at different times. This type of shutter is not suitable for moving subjects except when using flash lighting because this time difference causes the image to smear. Suitable applications include:


Windowless cameras are particularly useful for applications that are sensitive to multiple reflections due to the existence of the glass window in front of the CMOS sensor. One example of such an application is laser beam profiling.

Line Scan cameras is a high-speed cost-effective high-performance machine vision monochrome line-scan CCD camera, based on a single-line, CCD chip with USB2.0 (480 Mb/s) interface. CCD line cameras have several advantages over their area-array counterparts, including high optical linear resolution that allows systems developers to use the cameras to capture two-dimensional (2-D) images by moving the object or the CCD perpendicularly to the scan line. This compact linear camera is ideal for a variety of OEM applications in industry process control, optics, biology, spectroscopy and reflection imaging. Setting up a line scan camera is very easy, the user simply installs the latest version of the operating software onto any desktop or notebook PC and then connects the USB cable from the line camera to the PC. There is no need for installing a DAC card, or using an external power supply.

Spectrometers are widely used in process control, environment monitoring, and scientific research applications. Mightex HRS series compact CCD spectrometers features a high resolution 100mm Czerny-Turner optical platform coupled with a Toshiba 3648-element CCD array. The optimized optical path yields both high spectral resolution and high light collection efficiency.

Wavelength and amplitude stability is often a critical requirement for many spectrometer applications. All optical components in the HRS series spectrometers are mounted directly on a single piece base without using screws. A box enclosure structure further increases stiffness of the base. The proprietary mounting method ensures high stability over time and temperature.

 Impact Vision Technologies

IVT  will assist you in the selection of the best lensing for your application.  Once a vision system is selected IVT will provide the integration to ensure a successful installation and training so that your associates can maintain your machine vision system.

An innovative leader in machine vision and laser integration deploying systems using advanced sensor technologies servicing industrial automation, scientific and military partners.