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High End Sharp & Fast

-High Resolution with very fast frame rates
-LAG (Link Aggregation Group) technology (240 MB/s)
-3-axis motorized lens control and auto-iris controls
-Latest Kodak CCD sensors

The Pocilica GX, with its double-speed Gig-E interface, is the first Gig-E Vision camera to feature LAG technology.  The LAG technology has been used in IT networking for years and is supported by a wide range of standard Ethernet hardware (switches, interface cards, etc.).  When the camera is connected by two cables to the host computer, it sees the camera as one connection at twice the normal speed (240 MB/s).  The Prosilica GX can also operate using a single standard CAT-5e Ethernet cable at 120 MB/s.  Additional features include 3-axis motorized lens control as well as video-type auto-iris controls. 

 Brand  Model  Imaging  Interface     Resolution  FPS  Format (inches)
 Procilica  GX1050  Monochrome  Double Gig-E
 1024 x 1024
 112  1/2  CCD  KAI01050
 Procilica  GX1050  Color  Double Gig-E  1024 x 1024  112  1/2  CCD  KAI01050
 Procilica  GX1660  Monochrome  Double Gig-E  1600 x 1200
 66  2/3  CCD  KAI02050
 Procilica  GX1660  Color  Double Gig-E  1600 x 1200  66  2/3  CCD  KAI02050
 Procilica  GX1910  Monochrome  Double Gig-E  1920 x 1080
 63  2/3  CCD  KAI02150
 Procilica  GX1910  Color  Double Gig-E  1920 x 1080  63  2/3  CCD  KAI02150
 Procilica  GX1920  Monochrome  Double Gig-E  1936 x 1456
 40  2/3  CCD  ICX764
 Procilica  GX1920  Color  Double Gig-E  1936 x 1456  40  2/3  CCD  ICX764
 Procilica  GX2300  Monochrome  Double Gig-E  2336 x 1752
 32  1  CCD  KAI04050
 Procilica  GX2300  Color  Double Gig-E  2336 x 1752  32  1  CCD  KAI04050
 Procilica  GX3300  Monochrome  Double Gig-E  3296 x 2472
 17  4/3  CCD  KAI08050
 Procilica  GX3300  Color  Double Gig-E  3296 x 2472  17  4/3  CCD  KAI08050

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