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Digital monochrome images contain a single hue, rather than recording the colors of the object that is photographed. It includes all forms of black and white which produce images containing tones of grey ranging from black to white.  The image gray values are typically divided into 256 shades for computer analysis. 

Digital color cameras generally use a Bayer Mask over a monochrome CCD. Each square of four pixels has one filtered red, one blue, and two green.  The result of this is that luminance information is collected at every pixel, but the color resolution is lower than the luminance resolution.  The resulting image has 1/4 the pixel resolution of a monochrome image.  New better color separation can be reached by three-CCD devices (3CCD) and a dichroic beam splitter prism, that splits the image into red, green and blue components.

 High Resolution

High resolution cameras contain sensors with larger number of pixels which provides increased accuracy for inspections.  Generally a camera with over one megapixel (1Mpx) is considered high resolution.

 High Speed

High speed cameras are designed to capture images of moving objects.  Generally a camera that performs over 80 frames per second (fps) is considered high speed.

 Line Scan

A line-scan camera is a camera device containing a line-scan image sensor chip, and a focusing mechanism. These cameras are almost solely used in industrial settings to capture an image of a constant stream of moving material.

High-Resolution High-Stability CCD Spectrometers (UV, VIS and NIR)
Compact CCD spectrometers are widely used in process control, environment monitoring, and scientific research applications. Mightex HRS series compact CCD spectrometers features a high resolution 100mm Czerny-Turner optical platform coupled with a Toshiba 3648-element CCD array. The optimized optical path yields both high spectral resolution and high light collection efficiency.

 Board Level Cameras

High quality board level cameras for OEM camera project designs.

 Remote Head Camera

Our compact high definition remote head camera, are used for applications such as: Machine Vision, Hazardous Inspections, Non-Destructive Testing, Scientific Video Recording, Military Weapons applications, and Covert Surveillance to name but a few. A wide variety of micro lenses, macro lenses and cable accessories are available to assist in meeting virtually every requirement. When packaged with the appropriated accessories and given the required modifications our Remote Head Cameras can also be used in High Energy Fields. Hot & Cold Environments, Underwater, Abusive & Hazardous Areas as well as used for Cavity Inspections.

 UV Camera

The use of UV light makes minute surface details appear in much greater clarity in applications such as IC/PCB inspection, DNA research, medical skin analysis and thin film evaluation.
Impact Vision Technologies

IVT  will assist you in the selection of the best machine vision camera for your application.  Once a vision system is selected IVT will provide the integration to ensure successful deployment and training so that your associates can maintain your machine vision

An innovative leader in machine vision and laser integration deploying systems using advanced sensor technologies servicing industrial automation, scientific and military partners.